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Do your current marketing tools generate leads as you expected? There are several options out there including content creation, SEO, social media, email marketing, etc. that you might have used two or more of them already. Yet, in order to pump new life to your lead generation strategies you will need to find new ways.

But how are you going to do that? One way is writing a book. It is no longer sufficient to hand a business card to your prospects, you need to have something more useful and valuable to give. A published book that you have written or by a ghostwriter that is related to your business is one of the best business strategies today in reaching target groups.

The book should provide solution to a problem or give answers to their questions that are fundamental to them. When you give them something valuable, you prospects will realize that you want to help them, not just sell your products or services to them. This will create engagement and will become a foundation for customer loyalty.

Why Do Books Effective to Generate Leads?

What makes books exceptional marketing tools is because they don’t look like marketing tools at all. Books give entertainment or knowledge to people who need it. Businesses refer to books written by industry experts to give them the knowledge and solutions they needed based on the authors’ own experiences. By including testimonials from real-life, satisfied customers, you will give readers credible proof that you or your business has the ability to serve them well too.

How Companies Benefit From Writing a Book?

Companies can control the information that they share in their books. They can also adjust the book’s tone to avoid dismaying readers with hard selling which can result to less ROI. Published books are indirect marketing with less resistance. You did not look for prospect clients – it is them that seek you! Thus, you should ensure that your book connects with your business’ brand. This is to make sure that your potential clients will really check your company after reading your book. That’s a definite way to generate leads!

While your competitors are still busy looking for the best marketing tool, go ahead and write your book. It doesn’t have to be as long as the business books that you usually see in the bookstores. In fact, you can make it into a series of smaller books ranging between 15,000 and 20,000 words. Or better yet, you can do collaboration and just write a chapter for a start. The faster you can get a book related to your niche out there, the better chance you have to generate leads for your company.



Joe DiChiara
Joe DiChiara
Joe DiChiara is a best selling author, author mentor, and publisher. He has an extensive career in business serving thousands of small business owners over a 30 year career as a Certified Public Accountant. Today Joe’s goal is to empower small business owners by teaching them the fundamentals of starting, building and running a small business. His publishing business is an extension of that mission as he believes that writing is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can employ. He believes strongly that if you have an inspirational story, knowledge and experience that can help, educate, inspire and empower it’s your duty to share it with the world.

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