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February 19, 2017
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February 23, 2017
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As a newbie in the writing industry, you might find it challenging to start writing a book and finish it as you planned. This is not good if you want to use the book as a marketing tool for you or your business. If this is your purpose, you have to act quickly. The quicker you can get your book out there, the better chance you have of gaining edge over your rivals. In order to do this, opt for collaboration books instead.

Teaming up with other writers will lessen the writing tasks for you.  There are days that you wouldn’t be inspired to write no matter what you do. Yet, you will not worry about delays because there are other writers who will continue writing their parts when you can’t.

Collaboration books give the readers the chance to learn from various authors who are experts in various fields. For example, you’re an accountant who wants to write a book that will help new entrepreneurs. Having a financial planner, a lawyer, and a marketer as collaborators would be great. Each of them can share their knowledge and experiences on their niches which are different than yours.

Here are other benefits you can get through collaboration:

  • Collaboration books give more value to your readers.

Writing a business book on your own will give the readers only one perspective – yours. Having authors with various specialties on the other hand, will make the book more comprehensive. When you give them a wider range of material, you offered more value to your customers. Place yourself on the customer’s shoe when buying a book. Would you be interested in a business book written by a single expert? Or, one that was written by two or more authors with expertise that are different from each other? The latter would be a practical answer, right?  That’s the power of collaboration books! It influences the buying criteria of the people.

  • You can share resources when creating collaboration books.

Working with other authors will reduce expenses for the project. Unlike writing individually, you will split costs with your fellow collaborators. You can also pool resources to print more copies and finance a bigger and more advanced marketing campaign. Overall, the project will be more manageable for all of you.

  • You can have more opportunity for exposure.

Collaboration books will give you the chance to reach more people. Whenever your collaborators give away or sell a book, they also promote you. They are exposing you to their own customers, the same way that you let your customers know about them too. Since you are experts of different niches, you are working together and not competing against each other. This would mean more sales force and leads for each of you.

As businessman, you may have met and known people from all walks of life. But as a newbie writer, you might not know that much writers that would be willing to team up with you. If that’s the case, we can help you! We recognize the benefits of writing a book as marketing tool and the power of collaboration books. So register with us now to set the ball rolling!

Joe DiChiara
Joe DiChiara
Joe DiChiara is a best selling author, author mentor, and publisher. He has an extensive career in business serving thousands of small business owners over a 30 year career as a Certified Public Accountant. Today Joe’s goal is to empower small business owners by teaching them the fundamentals of starting, building and running a small business. His publishing business is an extension of that mission as he believes that writing is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can employ. He believes strongly that if you have an inspirational story, knowledge and experience that can help, educate, inspire and empower it’s your duty to share it with the world.

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