Ghostwriting: The Pros and Cons

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February 11, 2017
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When you want to pursue a writing career, you should be clear on what kind of writer you want to be. Do you want to be an ordinary writer, writing under your name or as a ghostwriter and pen under other people’s name? You can choose one or you can be both. Some writers accept ghostwriting jobs to raise funds for their own book, while others use it as chance to hone their writing skills before they write under their own name.

A new or less-known writer takes the ghostwriting path to earn money to support personal and family needs. A popular person or one with sufficient resources can sell more books than an unknown one. Thus, ghostwriting for someone with a well-known name could easily earn you money than selling your own book.

Many celebrities, politicians, and business people don’t have the patience or the ability to write their own stories. Some of them believe that their time is better spent on performing their regular work while some of them just don’t know how to put their ideas into paper. Thus, they hire a ghostwriter to write for them.

Ghostwriting is writing for other people’s credit and conveying the message in their own voice. Writers get paid for the effort that they gave rather than the number of sold books. Ghostwriters are anonymous as the credit is typically claimed by the well-known author. If you are thinking about becoming a ghostwriter then, you should think about the following pros and cons.

The Pros:

  1. You just focus on writing and not worry about finding a publisher and negotiating commissions.
  2. Your work depends on the credited author’s opinion of its quality.
  3. You will have the chance to work with people all over the world, learn their cultures, lives, and locations.
  4. You can write on a regular basis and update your skills.
  5. As a new writer, it’s a great stepping stone for some major projects.
  6. It gives you the chance to write about subjects that you might never come across such as historical events and lives of celebrities, politicians, and other famous people.
  7. You get significant experience and knowledge by working with publishers and editors.
  8. You can increase your network and build contacts that can help you in promoting your own book in the future.
  9. You can express opinions which you may be wary about penning under your name. Ghostwriting gives you the freedom to write about it in the credited author’s voice.

The Cons:

  1. In ghostwriting, you usually will not get credit for writing the book. Yet, you can get an acknowledgment as adviser if you manage to bargain this in the contract.
  2. As a rule, you cannot use the work as sample for new writing projects because everything is confidential.
  3. If the book does win major prizes, the credited author will claim them all.
  4. Ghostwriting is a one-off fee. You won’t get commissions from the book sales.

Is ghostwriting for you? Ghostwriting offers endless topics. It is also a field packed with all types of people. If you are just looking for extra income then it’s a great alternative for you. Yet, ghostwriting is not an entry-level writing position. You maybe a new writer but you still need to present samples of your work to convince prospective clients to hire you. If you decide to try ghostwriting, you can get help here.

Joe DiChiara
Joe DiChiara
Joe DiChiara is a best selling author, author mentor, and publisher. He has an extensive career in business serving thousands of small business owners over a 30 year career as a Certified Public Accountant. Today Joe’s goal is to empower small business owners by teaching them the fundamentals of starting, building and running a small business. His publishing business is an extension of that mission as he believes that writing is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can employ. He believes strongly that if you have an inspirational story, knowledge and experience that can help, educate, inspire and empower it’s your duty to share it with the world.

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