Ever hear of “Chicken Soup For The Soul”? If not you can look it up. It was a Best Seller and became a whole series of similar books. It is a collaborative effort between several or more authors, usually with one chapter each. It makes it easy to become a published author.

You can, and I encourage it! However, writing your own book is not easy. My 1st book took over 2 years from concept to publication. I had to be involved in every aspect of publishing, from cover design, approving copy and line editing, getting someone to write the forward, testimonials, etc.

Because it’s easy to write one chapter and it makes you a published author. If the book becomes a best seller you are an author in a best selling book. I’ve been in 3 collaboration books and wrote 2 of my own. My bio will list me as an author/co-author of 5 books with 2 making best seller status.

Because I have a very streamlined system and very focused market, I can get a book published in about 3 months from the date I have the target amount of authors signed up.

These books are intended to be used as marketing tools. You do get the books at wholesale prices and can sell them at retail but that’s not the main intention.

I give most of mine away, instead of some promotional item that everyone has. You will be featured on the book’s website as a contributing author and you can feature the book on your own site. On your business cards you list the title “Author” and if you speak (and you should) and coach (and you should) you become Author/Speaker/Coach….There are countless other ways, these are the most obvious.

You will be given a list of 25-30 questions depending on the book topic. You have the choice of answering the questions yourself or being interviewed and having the interview transcribed. You will have to submit a 200 word bio and professional head shot for maximum effectiveness.

The cost to write and self-publish your own book is between $4,000-$10,000. To be in one of my books, the investment will be in the neighborhood of $497-$2,997 depending on the book, getting your own custom cover, needing a ghost writer, etc. Writing your own book is between $2,500 and $6,000 depending on the size and add on’s such as ghost writing you may choose.

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