Business Marketing: Why Every Entrepreneur Should Publish a Book

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What does every entrepreneur needs to get sales? Attention! All businesses out there are vying for people’s attention because attention will make money. They are doing various ways for business marketing from ad creation, social media marketing, and so on. Getting people’s interest will give a business a chance to showcase its products or services and convince them to buy from it.

As an entrepreneur, you know that attention is the key to everything. Aside from sales, you can also convince other companies to form a partnership with you. You can easily convince people to join you and the media will cover you once you get their attention. There are several ways to capture attention. Yet writing a book is the most underutilized strategy by entrepreneurs like you.

How does a book capture attention?

There are four major ways that a book gets you attention.

  1. A book gives you credibility and authority. You can’t be a fraud and write a good book. People will judge you through your book so you should know what you’re talking about. Your book should show that you are an expert in your topic and you are ready to share it to the world. The people should see it as valuable and interesting so they will believe in you.
  2. It will boost your visibility. Writing a book gets you attention from media. This is due to the media wants to get opinions or comments from the experts. Since you have written a book in your field of expertise then, it is only natural that the media will interview you. The media’s attention will also open other opportunities for you such as speaking engagements, consultant roles, and many more.
  3. It will help people find you online. An ad gets attention, yes, but it is not what people look for when they want to buy products or services. They want buying information from authorities and experts. And how do they do that? They look for the author who wrote the book on the topic they want. So, they will go to you.
  4. People will talk about you. Word of mouth is one of the best business marketing tools. It even reaches people who are not using the internet. A book will put your words into your readers’ mouths. If they found it valuable, they would literally echo your ideas, phrases, and terms to other people with the same problem. Why? Because providing valuable knowledge to others will make your readers look good to other people.

Why does attention get you money?

Attention makes people notice you. And when they do, you will get a higher chance of getting sales for your products or services, if not the actual book. Publishing a book will give you a multi-purpose marketing tool that captures attention which can turn into money.

  • A book can market physical products, software/SaaS, or video/information products.
  • It can start coaching and consulting businesses.
  • Clients will be drawn to you.
  • People will work for you.
  • You’ll get speaking engagements.

It’s not easy to generate money from book sales. But, you can make money if you use it for business marketing to drive attention to your company. A book is basically a form of paid marketing that functions in unique ways. So every entrepreneur should write a book to stand out and show their expertise. It will be your new business card, your tool to get attention, and your way to generate money.

Joe DiChiara
Joe DiChiara
Joe DiChiara is a best selling author, author mentor, and publisher. He has an extensive career in business serving thousands of small business owners over a 30 year career as a Certified Public Accountant. Today Joe’s goal is to empower small business owners by teaching them the fundamentals of starting, building and running a small business. His publishing business is an extension of that mission as he believes that writing is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can employ. He believes strongly that if you have an inspirational story, knowledge and experience that can help, educate, inspire and empower it’s your duty to share it with the world.

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