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Most business knew that one of the important techniques to success is to employ the best marketing tool. Some tools are free while some are very expensive. Some tools are easy while some are so complex you wouldn’t be able to use them immediately. So what marketing tool is the “right” tool for your business?

There are so many options available that it’s difficult to make the right decision. If you are looking for a marketing tool, why settle for several good alternatives when you can have the best? And that is to write your own book!

We are used to having books as the product being marketed. But nowadays, the book becomes a tool through which you market yourself or your organization. Although we can now browse contents in the web, the book is still the ultimate form of content.

Is writing a book worth your time and energy?

As a business owner, there are so many demands on both your time and energy. Thus, it is expected that you want to make sure you are investing them to things that matters to you or your business. Writing a book requires a lot of time and the opportunity cost is really high. You are not even sure if people will still believe into the idea of a book years from now. Are you willing to gamble on that?

In our world, platforms keep on surfacing and evolving that learning them all is almost impossible. The dizzying rate by which the technology evolves can disrupt people’s lives. Mastering a new social media network poses a high risk as the next invention will render it irrelevant. The book on the otherhand, signifies the familiar, the trusted, and the secure.

The book is where we search for information or inspiration. That’s why we trust and respect the authors of the books that helps us learn more knowledge and inspires us to do better for ourselves. A blog post like this captures an idea and develops it. Yet, it is the book that upholds and processes the idea into something more, something deeper and fuller.

Writing a book will give potential customers unparalleled opportunity to know you and what you represent. You will become a rich source of information to them because you are an expert or an authority for comprehensive solutions. When you publish your own book, you are setting yourself apart from your competitors. Most smart business owners know that writing a book is the best marketing tool.

best marketing tool

Like them, you could also gain the following benefits when you write a book:

  • Let the world know that you have gained an amazing level of knowledge about your topic.
  • Draw more customers, clients, and prospects.
  • Become a thought leader in your area of expertise.
  • Open the opportunity for consulting contracts and paid speaking.
  • Brand yourself or your company.
  • Place you strategically for your next move.
  • Launch or grow a small business quickly and steadily.

Your competitors are also looking for the best marketing tool to boost their marketing efforts. If you will not write a book, they possibly will. Would you let your prospects learn more from your competitions than from you?

Here you can get guidance on how you can start writing a book. Avail the free registration now to start your writing career!

Joe DiChiara
Joe DiChiara
Joe DiChiara is a best selling author, author mentor, and publisher. He has an extensive career in business serving thousands of small business owners over a 30 year career as a Certified Public Accountant. Today Joe’s goal is to empower small business owners by teaching them the fundamentals of starting, building and running a small business. His publishing business is an extension of that mission as he believes that writing is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can employ. He believes strongly that if you have an inspirational story, knowledge and experience that can help, educate, inspire and empower it’s your duty to share it with the world.

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